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Legacy of Hope Society

The Legacy of Hope Society is made up of donors who have remembered Hope Ministries (Bethel Mission, Door of Faith, Hope Family Center) in their will and/or estate plan.

Members of the Society have made estate provisions to perpetuate their support beyond their lifetime with a charitable legacy gift.

Their generosity will be felt for generations to come providing food, clothing, shelter and life-recovery services to homeless and hungry men, women and children in Des Moines and central Iowa.

If you HAVE remembered Hope Ministries in your will or estate plan, we encourage you to let us know by completing the LEGACY OF HOPE SOCIETY enrollment form below. You may also let us know contacting David Burrier – director of estate & legacy planning at 515-265-7272 Ext. 1003 or by sending an email to

If you HAVEN'T included Hope Ministries in your will, you can also use the form below and select one of the options on the drop down menu or use the comment section for questions or to request additional information.

I Didn't Expect That

Kathleen Finkenauer wasn't sure what to expect when she first put in a call to request a home visit from a representative of Hope Ministries to discuss her estate and legacy planning.

"As I reflect back I didn't expect the thoroughness or the networking and coordination with my professional advisors or the follow through. And to top it off I never expected to receive a three ring binder and assistance in organizing my important documents."

"I knew I wanted to include several charities in my will/trust but what I didn't expect was that they would assist me with that as well."

"I was pleasantly surprised by the whole process. I now have peace of mind knowing that my estate plans are finally in order." "If only people knew how helpful this free service is, more people would surely take advantage of it."

As an organization Hope Ministries' has three core values. The second core value is, We are Stewards of God's Resources. One way we fulfill that is by providing this valuable planning service to our donors to assist them in the stewardship of their accumulated assets.

For more information about our estate and legacy planning services or to set up an appointment contact David Burrier (515) 265-7272 or email

I Finally Have Peace of Mind – by Shannon Shepherd

Legacy planning and estate distribution decisions were certainly NOT on my list of weekly chores like vacuuming and laundry nor was it on my bucket list. What can I say other than I just kind of buried my head in the sand and thought, "I'll get to it eventually." For me, the challenge was how to get started many people, I put it off.

I decided to attend one of Hope Ministries' free education forums where I sat in on several helpful presentations. The timing was right for me and it provided the motivation I needed to begin addressing my "end of life" planning. The problem was "where do I start?" It all seemed a bit overwhelming.

I was fortunate to meet David Burrier at the event. He is the director of estate & legacy planning at Hope Ministries. What followed was life changing. The personal guidance and services he provided were invaluable and his simple step-by-step process made it all less daunting.

I finally have peace of mind knowing that I have been a good steward of God's blessings by having my personal bequests, end of life care and charitable gifting now officially documented in my last will and testament.

I encourage you to take advantage of this free service by contacting David at (515) 265-7272 ext. 1003 or email at

Legacy of Hope Society Enrollment Form

I have already included Hope Ministries in my will or estate plan.

I intend to include Hope Ministries when I write my will or create my estate plan.

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